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About Our Farm

The Silkie Farm is an all organic, farm raised, free-ranged and NON-GMO FED hatchery and NPIP breeder. 

The Silkie Chickens Farm is a local family-run Chicken Farm that has been producing delicious fresh products and hosting a variety of fun activities since 2000. We strive to make the most of everything the great outdoors has to offer. Our products are fresh from the field, so you can be sure you are buying the best quality produce.

Welcome to The Silke Farm!

The Silkie Farm - Locals, schedule your appointment today!
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Our infamous flock of silkies are not only pets but also a part of our family. They rule the roost and do as they please on our farm.

They’re too cute to keep cooped up.

They are able to free-range as much as they like with other fellow silkies. We play with them daily and they enjoy us as much as we do them. 

Silkies have a famously friendly and docile nature, which makes them a popular choice as backyard pets. They are gentle and easy to handle, making them an excellent choice for families with children or those new to keeping chickens.

Most of our show silkie chicken flocks have competed and won, as FFA & Rodeo contestants!  

We strive to provide the best quality eggs, chicks, and chickens and breed specific to the American Poultry Association standards for all our breeds. We will always be available to answer questions and provide support throughout your new journey of making your own pet chickens apart of your family. ​


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View recent photos_edited_edited.jpg

Our Forever-Family Adoption Pictures and Stories. SHARE WITH US TO PLACE YOUR BABIES ON OUR PAGE!

Adopt our grand-chicks and become apart of our forever-family today! We always love to see our grand chicks grow over the years! Once they leave our farm they’re forever-missed however, through pictures and your stories we can remain apart of their sweet feathered lives! Please share your pictures and stories so the world can see how beautiful our forever-family is! 

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