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6 NPIP FERTILE - Silkie Show Chicken Hatching Eggs! 🥚’s

6 NPIP FERTILE - Silkie Show Chicken Hatching Eggs! 🥚’s

This is an order for 6 NPIP PUTE SHOW SILKIE HATCHING FERTILIZED EGGS! Hatching 🥚’s from our flock farm of Silkie Show 🐓‘s. Most of our SHOW Silkie Breeding Stock have competed in the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo as contestants and some WINNERS and we do have some WINNERS! Also,

our breeders have competed and shown in The National Poultry Association of Bantam Silkie’s and we breed STRICT to the NPIP AND NPABS STANDARDS! Our infamous flock of Silkie’s are our pets and are a part of our family. ❤️ They rule the roost 🐓and do as they please on our 🐔 farm. They are able to free-range as much as they like with their SAME 🐤 BREED ONLY as adults.


    NO REFUNDS - MUST FOLLOW Incubation Guide & INSTRUCTIONS Given for a SUCCESSFUL HATCH RATE! If Incubation Guide and Instructions are FOLLOWED VERBATIM you SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST A 90% HATCH RATE! Call for questions ANYTIME!

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